Who We Are

Texas Arabic Academy (TAA) is an academic institute based in Houston, Texas that seeks to ingrain students of all ages with a love for the Arabic language by providing quality curriculum and a warm atmosphere to develop a personal, lifelong relationship with the divine teachings of the Quran.

TAA incorporates teaching methods that have been tailored and refined over the years to maximize the learning capacity of both Arabic and non-Arabic speaking students to be able to master fundamentals of the Arabic language.

We offer all levels of instruction from basic to advanced, while personalizing the curriculum based on the progress of our students. Beginner group classes are offered on a monthly basis, while enrollment for all other levels is ongoing throughout the year.

Our Mission

  • To educate the public on the urgent necessity to learn Arabic in order to unlock the treasures of wisdom in the Quran that cannot be accessed in any other way.

  • To simplify the sophisticated science of Arabic in a way that fits best with the learning style of non-Arabic speaking students at a practical pace with plenty of hands-on coaching.

  • To develop our best students to become qualified teachers in the Arabic language with the aim of raising a generation of homegrown scholars of Arabic who can perpetuate the knowledge to the following generations.

Our Vision

    • To develop a generation of students that can read and deeply understand the Arabic language in accordance with the Quran so they can act on that knowledge and serve as ambassadors of its ideals.

    • To author books that teaches Arabic in a simple and paced manner for those who are unable to dedicate exclusive classroom time due to the fast-paced nature of life in modern times.

    • To establish courses for Quranic memorization in conjunction with understanding of its content.

    • To design training workshops for Friday Khateebs (speakers) to improve the quality of their weekly sermons in order to benefit the broader Muslim community.

Our Programs

TAA Elementary

Excellent academic development program for Pre-K and up.

TAA Secondary: Basic

Flexible courses at the beginner level for adults and businesses.

TAA Secondary: Intermediate

Flexible courses at the intermediate level for adults and businesses.

TAA Secondary: Advanced

Flexible courses at the advanced level for adults and businesses.

Quranic Arabic Program

These courses are designed to assist any reader of Quranic text fully understand the language of the Quran and to extract formulas for understanding the specific Arabic words chosen by Allah in His great book.

Arabic Second Language

These courses are designed for the soon to be Arabic speaker who is discovering the Arabic language for the first time as a second language

Arabic Instructor’s Program

This program is structured to assist any individual who seeks to build their knowledge of the Arabic language in order to teach others the proper Arabic language

Quranic Memorization

This program is offered for seekers of knowledge to memorize the Quranic text from beginning to end and to fully embody life as a Muslim by implanting the words of the Quran in their daily lives through proper mem

Children’s/Youth Program

e offer a curriculum strictly for young children and youth to begin proper use and understanding of the Arabic language from an early age

Your Assistance Needed to Succeed

Thankfully, our institution is now equipped with ergonomic adjustable chairs and desks, large whiteboards, an overhead projector, fluorescent lighting, Wi-Fi connection, and acoustic walls. However, we are still in need of your assistance with the following:

Acquisition of a building permit through the City of Houston pending completion of:

Ceiling construction

Installation of a fire alarm system

Handicap accessibility 

Rent payment

Purchasing new computer equipment

Building an outdoor playground for children

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