TAA Elementary

Pre-K and up academic classes will provide with an excellent academic education curriculum. For Pre-K & Up. Our Teaching methodology An interactive teaching methodology to make lessons interesting, engaging and enjoyable and bring your Arabic to life.

At TAA, we believe every student can be successful and achieve his or her full potential. Respect and community are an integral part of supporting every student in their education. Our students build strong bonds through school-wide activities, class projects, and field trips.


With convenient locations in the Houston,TX. TAA provides beginner to advanced level Arabic courses to adults, teens, and businesses.

We offer all levels of general Arabic classes. Our courses are designed for you to get quickly accustomed to everyday Arabic, and feel ready for day-to-day conversations and understand Arabic 

Our Programs

TAA Elementary

Excellent academic development program for Pre-K and up.

TAA Secondary: Basic

Flexible courses at the beginner level for adults and businesses.

TAA Secondary: Intermediate

Flexible courses at the intermediate level for adults and businesses.

TAA Secondary: Advanced

Flexible courses at the advanced level for adults and businesses.