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أكاديمية تكساس للغة العربية

Texas Arabic Academy

Texas Arabic Academy (TAA) is an academic institute based in Houston, Texas that offers Arabic classes for all ages & levels, from beginners to advanced, from learning the alphabet to Understanding classical and regional Arabic. Our students learn more than a language, they Enjoy the hospitality and the sweet  taste of the Arabic language and culture.

All classes are taught by native Arabic speakers who are experienced in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. This ensures that our students are able to not only read and write in Arabic, but also to understand the beauty of the language. Our Arabic courses are suitable for students of all ages, levels, races & religion. Everyone is welcomed to study at Texas Arabic Academy.


Ustatha. Aesha Almani
Ustatha. Aesha Almani
Ustatha. Aesha Almani
Ustatha. Aesha Almani
curriculum Books Fee will be added separately after registration and the placement of the child's level.
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Learning to read and write in Arabic

With Mrs.Aesha Almani

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Your Childs Arabic  learning journey is about to begin… 

                       هيا نتعلّم العربية 

About Course

Arabic Read and writing Level 

Learning to  Read & Write in Arabic quickly and straightforwardly
  • Learning the alphabets,
  • short and long vowels
  • connecting letters and reading it 
  • Arabic numbers
  • colors, shapes, and much more!

we spent a great deal of time and effort designing a learning online course for the Arabic Language. A language of such eloquence, richness, and history deserve to have its specially crafted interactive online content.

بإمكان طفلك ان يتعلم

العربية من المنزل


Course details

Starting Date: June 7th - July 15th

Days: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 

Times CST:2:00 – 3:00 PM 

Ages:  4 & up

Class Type: Online

Requirements: Basic Knowledge of  the  Arabic Alphabet

Cost: $325 for full summer  program  + Registration Fee


For more info: Email us at info@texasarabicacademy.org

or call us at
English speaker 832-873-6451  Arabic Speaker: 832-888-1848 


Books are Purchased online or  from school: 

Address: 2929 wesrhollow Dr.Houston Tx 77082


Furat Arabic Book 1  

Furat Arabic Book 2

Furat Arabic Activity 1

Furat Arabic Numbers Book 1 


About Instructor

Ustatha. Aesha Almani. الأستاذة عائشة الماني

Mrs. Aesha Almani earned her degree in the Arabic language from Baghdad, Iraq and taught at multiple schools and centers there for ten years. When she moved to the United States in 2007, she continued teaching the Arabic language and later on became the director at multiple private schools in Houston, Texas. Ms. Aesha has taught almost a total of three thousand students in the United States and in the Middle East combined. 

In 2017 Ms. Almani established the Texas Arabic Academy kids department and private one on one tutoring for all ages. She created her curriculum that builds the students’ ability to read and write the Arabic language in a simplified and expressed way. Ms. Almani is the author of the Arabic book, the “Furat Series,” that is now available for purchase online and at the Academy. Ms. Almani published her Arabic teaching series books for everyone who finds it difficult to learn or teach their children to read and write the Arabic language. Her Arabic books are made to help you learn to read the Holy Qur’an, and for every expatriate who wants his son or daughter to learn to read, write, and communicate with their relatives, she presents a series of books of “Furat” for everyone to understand the beauty of the Arabic language.