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ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة ١٦ ١٤٤٢
ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة ١٦ ١٤٤٢

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Arabic for kids

Arabic for Adult

Tadabbur Nights


Quranic Arabic

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Arabic for kids

TAA offers a curriculum for young children and youth to begin proper use and understanding of the Arabic language from an early age. Teaching kids through a fun and interactive method and utilizes its own custom-designed curriculum that focuses on skills that are crucial when learning a second language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing along with studying Quran, Islamic studies, Nasheed

Additional Programs

  • Special Arabic Intensive Classes

  • weekend program

  • Summer program

  • winter program

  • Boys Youth Program

  • Girls Sunday Program

    Private group online tutoring
  • Arabic online classes

Arabic for Adult

Arabic 101 & 102 for Adult

In Arabic ASL 101  you will listen to, speak, read, and write Arabic. Vocabulary, language patterns, and basic grammar are introduced and applied in the context of practical communication. You will learn Arabic vocabulary, expressions, and structures relating to college studies, personal identity, home and family, getting acquainted, describing people and places, activities, and leisure, dining and cuisine, transactions in a store or restaurant. 

Arabic ASL 102 You have learned the Alphabet, You learned to read and write Now it’s time to further your knowledge and become a step closer to fluency! Level 102 is a suitable course for those that know the alphabet and are able to read, The 102 Arabic online for  Youth & Adults course is a comprehensive Classical Arabic course that improves your Arabic in all four skills: Conversation, Grammar, Pronunciation, and spelling rules.

We spent a great deal of time and effort designing a learning course for the Arabic Language. A language of such eloquence, richness, and history deserve to have its specially crafted interactive online content.

Tadabbur Nights!
Quran Reflections & Tadabbu Nights!
In English & Arabic

quranic arabic class

Have you always wanted to understand the language of the Quran?This course will enable you to start your journey in understanding the Words of Allah and reflecting on the Arabic Language.
Join us NOW to begin a journey of understanding the most beautiful language in the world as it will be presented via zoom by Dr.Muthanna Alkhaldi.
What you benefit from this course:
– Get closer to the words of Allah
– Understand how the Arabic language in the Quran works
– Be able to read and write many Arabic sentences
– Learn the main concepts of Arabic Grammar
– Understand what Allah says in the Quran directly without a translation.

limited time for time registration

once registration is closed, schedule will be announced. 


“Never in my life have I felt as much love, yearning, and appreciation for the Quran as I have since attending this class.
A humble advice: please start/continue to build a personal relationship with the language of the Quran and take advantage of the ample resources available.
Abandon the desert of religious dispute and argumentation and dive deep into the ocean of Divine Engagement! LEARN AND EMBRACE ARABIC!” – Anwaar Ul Hak